All You Need To Know About Micro Lens Array

What are micro lens arrays?

Micro lens arrays are optical lenses with a remarkably small diameter. Usually, the diameter is approximately below 1 mm. But in particular cases, they can get much lesser than the normal diameter size. Due to the various advancements in technology, the sphere of micro lens arrays has grown to a large extent today. Unlike earlier days, it doesn’t focus on just one utility but it has been discovered to be useful in many aspects.

Applications of micro lens arrays

The micro lens can be used for a variety of purposes but the important aspect is to understand its increasing importance over time and its variant uses.

Digital projectors

Micro lens arrays gather and concentrate light which otherwise tends to deviate to other unrequired places. If this process is not completed then it falls into the non-sensitive areas of the CCD. In the case of digital projectors, a micro lens focus on the active parts of LCD. Post this aspect, it then produces a projection of the designated image.

High photovoltaic efficiency for electricity

This utility of micro lens arrays has been studied and researched to produce more clarity. It states that micro lens arrays act as concentrators for higher photovoltaic efficiency. Due to this, it helps to produce electricity of increased efficiency.

Compact imaging devices

To expand the utilities of micro lens arrays, arrangements of the same, possessing novel imaging characteristics have been designed to suit different applications. This assists in the creation of an image at unit magnification. By means of this property, compact imaging devices which we use on a daily basis have derived uses from it. This includes devices such as mobile phone cameras and photocopiers. The mentioned devices also use this property of micro lens arrays.

3D imaging and displays  

An alternately diffusing and opaque strip, micro lens array is also utilized for the purposes of 3D imaging and displays. It is used to outline the viewing directions for a pair of interlaced images. Thus, helping the spectator to comprehend a 3D stereoscopic image.

It is also very important to take lots of caution while making a purchase of such items. Products like lens especially micro lens array are very fragile in nature and must be made according to the utility required. Hence, the individuals interested must make sure it is from a reputed company.