How to Keep Writing Good Content in SEO Campaign?

Maintain Content Quality

Only a fool would underestimate the role of content in a digital marketing campaign. Every major part of the field requires some form of content optimization at some point in time.

The role of content cannot be restricted to digital marketing alone. Any form of promotion and outreach requires content to be front and center of the campaign and be effective enough to convert a prospect into becoming a customer.

In any given SEO campaign, there is a lot of content being written and published constantly. Even in a small team of two content writers, a lot of content can be created in a short span of time. In such a scenario, the quality of content can fall over a period of time due to a number of reasons.

Why Does Content Quality Fall?

Ask any number of novelists and they’d tell you that the most difficult part to write in a novel is the middle part. The content in an SEO campaign suffers from a similar fate.

Over time, the topics being covered in the content created for an SEO campaign start repeating. After all, there are only so many topics that a content writer can cover related to a given niche. Creating content on the same topic repeatedly causes writers to become less innovative and more dependent on their past experiences.

In a large team, this problem can be very difficult to solve. There are no complete solutions to solve the problem of falling quality in content. There are some ways however that can ensure writers always have new topics to write on, making sure that writers never lose sight of the goal.

From an online writing program to a digital marketing course, students across the spectrum are taught the value of maintaining content quality. We further discuss how to maintain content quality.

Use Google Trends

Google Trends is amongst the most powerful marketing tools out there. Using Google Trends, anyone in the world can know the topic or interests of people in certain areas of the world.

For those in the marketing domain, this information is gold dust. Having a pulse on the target audience is something every marketer dreams of. By knowing the topics generating the most amount of interest, content writers can create fresh content based on new and trending topics.

Conduct Content Audit

There are very few digital marketing teams in the industry that conduct thorough content audits from time to time.

The aim of a content audit is to analyze how readers are responding to the content posted during an SEO campaign. If the feedback on a certain article is positive, the content audit will suggest the same and advise content writers to replicate write-ups of similar quality.

In case feedback from certain kinds of content is poor, content writers have to rectify their mistakes and improve specific areas.

In Conclusion

In conclusion, this article covers how to maintain content quality over the course of an SEO campaign.

About the Author – The author, Priya Arora, is a foremost authority on digital marketing and content development. She currently works as content head at, a prime training institute best known for its digital marketing Training in Delhi.