Installing And Activating Windows 10 Home: A Quick Guide!

Microsoft had a major comeback with Windows 10, specially after the poor show with Windows 8. Windows 10 brings back a few features that people loved about the OS, the Start Menu being a case in point. With Windows 10, Microsoft has managed to improve performance and enhance security to the next level, and while the Pro/Professional edition does have better security features, the Home edition is just more than enough for most users. Below is a quick guide to buying and using Windows 10 Home key, with other aspects that you need to know.

Overview of Windows 10 Home

Windows 10 Home packs a few features, such as Battery Saver and Cortana, which are new to Windows. It also has the Snap assist aspect, and users can use as many as four apps on one screen at the same time. With the Continuum feature, users can actually switch between desktop and tablet mode. Installing Windows 10 Home is easy if you are already using Windows. The installation is offered by Microsoft for free, but to get access to the full version of the edition, you need a key. Each key for Windows 10 is unique and can be used for that version only. For instance, a key meant for Windows 10 Home cannot be used for Windows 10 Pro edition.

How to buy and use?

Microsoft sells keys for the Home edition on their website, but if you want to get a discount, you can check for third-party vendors, who have discounted keys. These are retail keys, which are purchased from resellers at a discount, and you just need to pay the price online. Once that’s done, the key will be sent to your email. To activate Windows 10 Home, just head to the Update & Security option in Settings section of Windows, and you will find the option of Activate Windows. Enter the key you have, and you are good to go. This is a onetime process, so you don’t have to activate Windows again. All updates will be automatically incorporated, as and when made available by Microsoft.

In conclusion

Get your key for Windows 10 Home today and activate your edition of the OS. Once activation is done, you can have access to the full stack of features, and if you want more in terms of security, you can consider the Windows 10 Pro edition too. Check online to find differences between both.