Mistakes You Need To Avoid While Collaborating With Influencers

Influencer marketing is ruling the world at the moment. Every brand, be it small or large, is running behind influencers and is ready to pay them huge money for attaching their name with the brand. All they seek is influencers to recommend specific products to their followers.

That’s it. Nothing more!

If you are aware of this brand promotion trend, then don’t wait any longer before jumping on to it.

However, while contacting any influencer Singapore, make sure you don’t repeat mistakes as mentioned below:

Relevance Matters

Just because an entertainment content creator has one million followers on Instagram doesn’t mean you can ask them to promote your medical device. No matter how many views or likes they can get you, none of that will result into sales, which is all that matters at the end of the day. You need to only contact those influencers who create content that is somewhat related to your field. There is no other way round to get the desired outcomes.

Too Much Promotion Won’t Do Any Good

Every experienced social media influencer knows how to integrate branded content into their posts and videos. Instead of forcing them to over-promote your product at the cost of cutting their regular content length, you should give them the freehand and see how they pull it off. They are as much interested in working with you (because money matters) as you are with them, so at no point, they will try to ruin relations with you. But that shouldn’t hurt their creative spirit as it won’t do good to either of you.

Timing Is Important

If you are promoting an event or conference that is supposed to take place in December, then start its promotion a couple of months in advance at a slow pace and then increase the pace of the promotion gradually. If you get in touch with influencers to promote your event or conference, then keep the timing in mind. The actual event shouldn’t be more than two weeks away or else the engagement won’t lead to any positive result.

Avoid these mistakes and experience great results with influencer marketing.